Course curriculum

    1. Copy of Video One M1 Mastery Tips

    2. Copy of Self-Care Mastery Assessment

    1. Video Two M1 Why Self Care?

    2. Video Three Completing M1

    3. Module One Exercise Why Self-Care?

    1. Video One M2 Getting Real

    2. Video Two M2 Exploring Payoffs

    3. Video Three Completing M2

    4. Module Two Exercise Getting Real

    1. Video One M3 Exploring Limits

    2. Video Two M3 Being Vulnerable

    3. Video Three Completing M3

    4. Video Three M3 Completing M3

    5. Module Three Exercise Exploring Limits

    1. Video One M4 Full Expression

    2. Video Two M4 My Life Expression

    3. Video Three Completing M4

    4. Module Four Exercise My Life Expression

    1. Video One M5 Incorporating Self Care

    2. Video Two M5 Taking Action

    3. Video Three Completing M5

    4. Module 5 Incorporating Self-Care

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Learn What Self-Care Mastery Really Means